Who We Are


The Agency’s focus has evolved to emphasize clients with missions to improve the human condition and effect positive social change”

August, Lang & Husak is an agency with a unique perspective. We believe that every marketing campaign should reflect a company’s highest values. Not as bragging and boasting, but as a clear depiction of the kind of company that’s behind the message.

Today, people want to know about the companies they patronize. How do they operate? Do they treat their people well? Is there something about them that improves the human condition? Do we need more organizations like them?

This perspective can be a tiebreaker. It applies to organizations in every sector – non-profits, professional services, corporations, healthcare associations, government agencies.

This approach is about more than ads. It’s about building comprehensive marketing efforts that define the companies behind them. Our clients know who they are and how they work. At August, Lang & Husak, we say it’s time everyone else knew.


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