Let’s shake on it!

Let’s shake on it!

by Chuck Husak

Of all the shallow and annoying visual layout ideas I’ve seen through the years, and keep seeing today, the HANDSHAKE AD stands out.

What’s going on here? Let me take a crack at it.

An advertiser seeking clients wants to send the signal that they stand for trust, personal attention, solid values, client gratitude, and business deals successfully completed. A handshake says all those things!

Handshake Ads

What th…? One is even left-handed.

Is there a more ham-handed way to spend advertising money than a handshake ad? I shake hands with strangers most every day. It’s a formality and a habit, not a gesture of special approval or a unique expression of client satisfaction. Why would anyone feel compelled to even notice these ads, let alone read them…

Handshake people, you need to try harder.

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