MD Winter Relief Programs Give Shelter to the Homeless

MD Winter Relief Programs Give Shelter to the Homeless

Good people doing great work can bring an abundance of vitally needed help to a small community of people in need, even if just one week at a time.  The Maryland Winter Relief Program is one example of neighborhood programs nationwide that are providing goods and services to area homeless populations with modest donations of clothing, food and shelter using available space in their facilities during cold winter months.

Through an all-volunteer effort, Winter Relief Programs operate as a seasonal emergency temporary shelter. For example, hosted each week at different Anne Arundel County religious facilities in Maryland from late October through April, these shelters are a safe and comfortable refuge for those experiencing homelessness throughout the coldest months of the year. Each facility provides personal services, meals, and guidance to their guests during their designated week.

It is a unique opportunity for people in their communities to reach out and share with those less fortunate. With freezing temperatures effecting so many areas, these seasonal shelters are seeing record-breaking numbers of volunteers eager to help as well as thankful homeless recipients. Winter Relief Programs now provide social work, limited case management, and other support services as needed for up to 60 men and women each night. Check it out in your community—good people doing great work can feed the spirit as well as the homeless.

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