Needed: 51 Beds for A Wider Circle

Needed: 51 Beds for A Wider Circle

“I remember the day we got our beds.  It was six months after the fire.  Today, I’m just thankful and blessed for what we do have.  You take that for granted when you are able to provide for yourself.  I have always been someone who was quick to help someone in need.  Now I know what it feels like to be the recipient of that kindness.  I wonder if those who give to A Wider Circle realize how much they are blessing someone with their generosity.” – Ruth (donation recipient at A Wider Circle)

“Every day at A Wider Circle, we meet people like Ruth,” says Erin Fiaschetti, Associate Director. She is among the many who have been living without the most basic need items, and who do nothing less than treasure these items when they finally receive them. Beds are always a key piece of our work, but this year we turn our attention to this critical need in an even bigger way as we celebrate our founder Mark Bergel’s birthday. Mark turns 51 this year, so our goal is to obtain – you guessed it – 51 beds!”

A Wider Circle was founded in October 2001 and began delivering programs in February of 2002. That year, they served 1,081 individuals; by 2012 they were serving more than 23,000 people per year. To date, through all of its programs, A Wider Circle has served more than 105,000 children and adults.


If you can, please donate a new or gently used bed in great condition, make a donation for the purchase of a new bed, or do a drive for the linens that can help make a bed just right. Visit

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